Barbara Elmore Designs : Teaching


I’m available for teaching workshops, seminars, retreats and private sessions.  Please contact me for further information at bedezines for my schedule and fees.

A word about the projects..... Most of the classes I enjoy teaching  utilize a technique I developed whereby the threads are painted AFTER they are stitched.  This lends a very creative and artistic nature to the overall stitching experience.  No artistic or painting ability is required; nearly everyone I’ve taught this to has loved it and has been thrilled with the results.

Other classes I enjoy are ones where I help a student customize threads and stitches for a painted canvas.  I particularly enjoy dimensional aspects of stitching, and will help a stitcher achieve some unusual effects on their canvas. 

In short, if I’ve stitched it, I’ll teach it, which also goes for the commercial canvases I’ve designed.  I’m also happy to design a teaching project specific to your needs, or specific to your chapter or shop.

See some of the class projects here.

See upcoming class schedule here.